First steps.

  1. Download setup file here.
  2. Install and update the program.
  3. It is better to hide MS shortcut from desktop to separate folder.
  4. Right click on the shortcup, go to Properties -> Compatibility -> Enable “Run this program as administrator” -> Click OK.
  5. Input license key. If you do not have a key, contact us via Skype live:magicseat or via online chat on our site.
  6. Log in to poker room. Important! The room and all the supporting programs must be ran as administrator!
  7. If all conditions are met and your license is active, the key must be highlighted in green and color tags should be visible.
  8. Disable Auto Buy-in in the room and in 888caption (Dialogs> Buy-in> Active> uncheck the box). Also disable table placing in supporting programs.

General settings.

1. Table placing.

  • Configure playing grid. Select the number of tables by X and Y. Then click “Grinding place” and choose the position you want (you can also stretch and shrink the grid). Click “OK” to save the parameters.
  • No more than 6 tables can be played in the room. This is why “number of tables played” parameter is limited by default.

2. Scan options.

  • Input scanning area position. Place the window so that it does not overlap playing grid. In this area the script will constantly open and close new tables in search of recreational players.
  • Choose stakes for 6-max and 9-max tables. Important! These parameters should match stakes in the room’s lobby. If you play same stakes in all the rooms, click «Stakes for all rooms».
  • In the 888 you can join queues to the tables with recreational players. If you want script to scan full tables, set the required number of players in settings. For example, if you set 9 max players for 6-max tables, the program will the full tables with up to 3 players in waiting list.

3. Color tags.

  • The script works based on color tags. Input all the tags you use to mark recreational and weaker players. You can also set the number of certain players you want to see at the table. We also recommend to include unknowns, since they can easily be recreationals as well.


888 does not welcome auto-seating scripts. To minimize the risk of program detection, please do the following:

  • Disable “Sit out next bb recreational player left” and “close table”;
  • “Sit out after seating” feature is disabled by default.

Additional settings.

  • We do recommend to disable «Auto Buy-in» feature.
  • Some of the functions in this tab are blocked, we do that to increase security and reduce the chance of other regulars noticing the use of the script.
  • You can find the optimal setting for this room below.
  • You can follow this link to get a list and descriptions of all the features of our program: link.


  • To run Magic Seat, open the program first, then open poker room and log in. Click «Scan tables» and «Open tables» in MS. After that the script will find and seat you at the tables according to the parameters you have set.

Why the program might not work.

  • The key is not highlighted – make sure you run the program as administrator. Try to reboot your PC and run everything again.
  • The key is highlighted in red – make sure the key is entered correctly and your poker room nickname matches the nickname you’ve entered in the program. Could be that your license expired.
  • The color tags are now displayed in settings – restart the room as administrator and open one table manually.
  • You get seated at every table – check if Auto Buy-in is disabled both in the room and in all the supporting programs.
  • Scan does not start – make sure the stakes you chose in the program match the stakes in room’s lobby
  • Update required – accept update. Also, if the script does not work correctly or the current version of the room is not supported, you can update the program manually, just click «Update to BETA verion». Important! Before updating, close all the poker rooms.