Functions description

 !!! Make sure Magic Seat and all the poker rooms you are using are ran as an administrator, and do not minimize the lobby to tray!!!

1 – Table arrangement
Table arrangement option applies to ALL rooms. ALL the other options are set for EACH room individually.
Grinding place – is a grid where tables are opened and shown after seating.
Grid: – Х – number of tables displayed horizontally, Y – vertically.
Table overlap  – the overlapping of tables in % horizontally (X) and vertically (Y).
Number of tables played – the actual number of tables Magic Seat would open for you, every other table found after will be put in queue.

 !!! For program to work correctly you should disable table arrangement in other ancillary programs, like StarsHelper, UPTO and such.
Table arrangement options are unified for all the rooms. All the tables from all the rooms will be arranged in single grid. Maximum amount of tables played is the sum of all the tables you can open in every room.

2 – Scan filters
Scan spot – the area where MS will open the tables for scanning. Put this area in the corner of the screen since you don’t want to be distracted by it. MS will do everything automatically.
Number of players – the amount of players at the tables you want to scan (you can put a range of players, like from 5 to 9)
BB limit – limits you want to scan (i.e. 0.5 is NL50, 10 is NL1000 and so on). It’s important to note that only tables visible in the poker room lobby are scanned.

3 – Sit out when seated –  right after you are seated, Magic Seat would mark “Sit out next hand” checkbox.
Sit out next BB if fishy player left – once fish has left the table, MS would mark “Sit out next BB” checkbox, so you won’t pay extra blind.
+ Close the table – once it is your turn to put in BB, the table will be automatically closed.
* If you manually mark “Sit out next BB” checkbox and the fish leaves after that, the checkbox would be unmarked by MS, which results in you paying that extra blind.
Close full tables – MS is closing full tables during the scan. (It’s better not to use this function in iPoker, since there are no wait-lists).
Close the tables with less than N players – MS is closing the tables during the scan if there are less players than you set.
Signal – sound alert that triggers when you are seated.

4 – Ignore list
You can add a player to the ignore list (Ctrl + left-click on a player) and MS will ignore him after even if he’s marked with the proper color. The feature is useful when the fish lost all of his money and is sitting out. You can clear the ignore list any moment.

5 – Color markers
These color markers match color markers you use in the poker room (they load after you use the activation key, it should become green). Just mark the checkboxes next to the colors you use to tag fish. Make sure you also mark “unknowns” checkbox, then program will also seat you with unmarked players, who are likely to be weak as well. But then again you have to mark all the regulars at the tables with different color or colors.

Min fish
You can set the minimum amount of fishy players you want to see at your tables for every color mark. For example, if you want to play with either one big fish marked pink or two average fishy players marked red, you have to set 1 next to pink color and 2 next to red. If there are both pink and red fishes at one table, MS will seat you in position to the fish with minimum “min fish” value. For our example it would be pink player.

6 – Key

Put the license key next to the corresponding room. If it is green then MS is ready to start, if it is red then the license has expired and if it white then connection to server is lost. Make sure you run MS and poker rooms as an administrator. If the license key is white – restart the program. If It didn’t help – reboot your computer.

Poker room selection – when you switch from one room to another, all the settings are switched as well, except Table arrangement. Every room should be customized individually (including additional settings).

Please check out the features of your poker room (check Poker room features)

Expert settings

React to R  – MS will react to R (seat reservation) since it could be a potential fish.
React once – in some rooms if you reserve a seat and decline to take it few times, you would be banned from this table for some time. So to avoid it you can use this feature which is very useful for PokerStars.
Seating delay – you can set a time delay before actually seating at the table. It would be picked randomly. This feature helps to hide the fact of using the script from your opponents.
Auto buy-in acceptation – MS automatically clicks “OK” or “Cancel” in the buy-in window regardless of fish presence at the table. !!! You have to disable this function in the poker room settings!!!
Preferable seating (+N to the left) –  if you set 1 here, you will be seated in the first empty seat left to the fish.
Seating order – here you can set seating priority relative to the fish. If all the seats you preset are occupied, you will be seated in the first empty seat left to the fish.
Use only seat you’ve set  – if seats you preset are occupied, you won’t be seated.
Minimal fish stack, bb – MS will not seat you with fishes that have less bb’s in their stacks than you’ve set. And if you set any amount except 0 here, MS will ignore fishy players with no money.

Table arrangement
On – here you can turn on/off the table arrangement feature.
Lock buy-in window  – you can set a place where all the buy-in windows will appear.
After the seating:
Don’t move  – table will be held in the scanning area.
Cascade – MS will arrange tables in cascade.
Tile – MS will arrange tables in tile.
Tables in one cell – maximum amount of tables to be put in one cell.
Move tables in the scan spot – MS will open and move scanning tables in the specified spot. You can set the spot in Settings – Scanning filters – Scan spot.

Adding to Queue
Queue up automatically – MS will join table queue automatically if there are no seats available and there is a fish.
Seat Available Acceptation – when it is your turn to join the table, MS will automatically click “OK” or “Cancel” in the Seat Available window regardless of fish presence at the table.
Close table after joining queue – MS will close the table right after joining the queue.

If the maximum amount of tables is reached
Join the queue – when we reached the maximum amount of tables possible, MS will join the queue to the next table instead of seating us there.
Seat Available Declination – if we reached the maximum amount of tables possible and it is our turn to join yet another table, MS will automatically click “Cancel” in the Seat Available window. If you disable this feature you will have to click “Cancel” manually or otherwise this Seat Available window won’t go away.

Number of tables to scan – MS will be opening tables to scan until it reaches this number.
Including tables, we are not at – this limitation will work for both opened tables and tables that are currently being scanned.
Skip banned tables – MS won’t add banned tables to the scanning area.