First steps

  • Download setup file.
  • Install the program as administrator and download the suggested update.

  • We recommend that you remove the MagicSeat shortcut from the desktop for security reasons.
  • Make sure “NotePadPlus.exe” file always runs as administrator. To do so go to “Properties” -> “Compatibility” -> enable “Run this program as administrator”.

  • Insert the license key. If you do not have one, please reach us via skype live:magicseat or online chat on our website.
  • Log in to the poker room.

Please notice! The room and all the third-party software must also be run as administrator!

If all conditions are met and license key is active, it should be highlighted in green and color tags should be loaded

General settings

1. Table placement.

  • Set up playing grid. To do so set the number of tables on X- and Y-axis. Then click on “Grind area” and place the grid where you want (it can also be stretched and shrunk). Click OK to the grid location and settings.

2. Scan settings.

  • Set scan area location. Place this window in a place where it doesn’t overlap the playing grid. In this area, the script will constantly open/close tables while searching for target players.
  • Set the range of the stakes you play for 6-max and 9-max tables. It is important that these settings correspond with the one you set in the lobby of the room.

Please notice! There is no waiting list in the iPoker network, so our script works as one. If the script finds a full table with target player, it leaves this table in a scanning area until there is a free seat at the table or target player leaves.

3. Color tags.

  • The program operates based on color tags. Choose color tags you use to mark weak and fishy players. You can set a certain minimum number of those players at one table. We also recommend including unknowns, since they are potentially target players.

Additional settings

iPoker is one of the most script-friendly rooms out there. As of now, there is no need to set additional delays or anything like it. Here are recommended settings for the “Settings” and “Additional settings” tabs.

You can see the full list and description of program’s features here


  • To launch MagicSeat, open the program and launch the poker room. Click “Scan tables” and “Open tables” in MagicSeat. After, the script will start seating you at the tables, according to the parameters you have set.

Why the program may not work correctly

  • The key is not highlighted – make sure the program and the room are running as administrator. Try restarting your PC and starting everything over.
  • The license is highlighted in red – make sure the license key was entered correctly and the nickname you use to get the key and the one at the tables match. Or perhaps your license has expired, in this case, please contact our support team to help you activate it.
  • If after restarting the room the key is not activated still, please click “End” in the script’s settings, wait for about 10-15 seconds and open the room again. “End” button terminates all the additional room’s processes, which may lead to the incorrect work of the script.

  • Color tags are not visible in the settings – restart the room as an administrator and open one table manually.
  • The script seats you at every table – check the “Auto Buy-in” feature both in MagicSeat and in third party software. It has to be disabled.
  • Scanning does not start – make sure the stakes you have chosen in MS settings match those you have set in the room.